We Have a Budget!

The House has passed a balanced budget with bipartisan support that honors commitments and makes steps to secure Colorado’s future. The Join Budget Committee did a great job in delivering a $30.4 billion budget that addresses areas of concern for many Coloradans.

First, the $495 million allocation to transportation should help improve everyone’s daily commute, as well as protect the investment we’ve already made in our infrastructure. This money will address both local and state-wide transportation concerns, with a portion of dollars set aside for localities to use at their own discretion.

Education is also a big winner in this budget, with a per pupil increase of $469/pupil over last year’s budget. $10 million is devoted to remedying the rural teacher shortage, and $7 million has been set aside to improve school safety.

Finally, the PERA program will also see an infusion of $225 million that will go toward ensuring the long-term stability of the program.

Now, the budget goes off to the Senate.

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