Using the General Assembly Website Like a Pro

Following the goings on of the Colorado General Assembly can feel like a daunting task. Over 600 bills (in addition to numerous memorials and resolutions) are introduced each year by the General Assembly’s 100 members. Fortunately, Colorado is a nationwide leader in government transparency and developed an incredibly useful tool to aid in the monitoring of past and present proposed legislation. contains a wealth of information that more Coloradans should know about and use, both in session and out. Some of the questions that can be answered include:

Who are my Colorado legislators?


Simply click the “Find my Legislator link at the top of the page.find my legislator tool

Then navigate to your voting address on the interactive map. The web application will populate the information of your House Representative and Senator.find-legislator2


What is Colorado doing about transportation?

If you’re interested in a particular topic, there’s an easy way to find all of the related bills currently being considered. Start by clicking on “bills” on the navigation bar.
Colorado Transportation Bills

Then enter your topic of interest in the search bar.

Colorado Transportation bill search

Modify your search by selecting the house of origin, or measure type.


What are my legislators working on?

The General Assembly website makes it easy to track your representatives’ sponsored bills and committee assignments. Start by selecting “legislators” on the navigation bar.

Find Colorado legislator

Then, enter your legislator’s name in the search bar.


The resulting page will identify the legislator’s committee assignments, party affiliation, contact info, and sponsored legislation.




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