I was sworn in for my fourth and last term on January 4th.

It’s so amazing how fast time goes. I spent a lot of time deciding to run for the State Representative seat. I filed to run a year and a half before the election. I was running against a popular incumbent. He had beat a Democrat incumbent and had flipped the House to a Republican majority. He was a rock star. The Republicans gave him standing ovations when he walked into a room. No one thought I could beat him. I walked and walked and walked knocking on doors. I went to every community meeting that I knew about. I did a food drive for the food bank and volunteered at the Santa House. I raised money. I worked and worked. And others came out and started walking for me as they saw how hard our team was working. And we won. By 8 points. The Dems took back the majority in the House.

In my 6 years in the House I have tried to represent my District. People have been clear-get things done and don’t talk talk talk. Work across the aisle. Find that pragmatic common sense solution. 84% of my bills have been made into law. I’ve implemented a state wide crisis response system, an early fire detection system, paved the wave towards 5G. I’ve been fortunate to make a difference.

Two more years. My goal in these two years is to simply our sales and use tax system. Fascinating huh?! But it will make a difference. My other goal is to treasure every moment. I’m so grateful to have this experience. Come down the Capitol and visit!

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