Sales Tax Simplification Champion!

I was honored to be recognized by the Simplify Colorado coalition as the Sales Tax Simplification Champion. This award was for my work since 2014 to simplify Colorado’s collection and remittal of sales tax.

SO what have I done? I cosponsored a bill to change the requirements to appeal a sales tax determination. I cosponsored a resolution to standardize the sales tax definitions. I cosponsored legislation to implement a Task Force for 3 years to carefully look at our sales tax system.

This last year, I sponsored two bills related to sales tax. First, the Task Force bill, SB 006, establishes a one stop electronic portal. This bill was signed by the Governor and we are now working with the Office of Information Technology to issue a Request for Solicitation. The second bill was HD 1240 which established sales tax policies concerning destination sourcing and marketplace facilitators.

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