Only One Week Left of the 2019 Legislative Session!

We are nearing the end of the 120 days of the 2019 Legislative Session! The State Constitution defines the annual legislative session as 120 days. We don’t have the option to extend it. The Governor, however, can call a special session.

Our legislative session ends on Friday, May 3, 2019 at midnight. We usually end on a Wednesday however this year we needed to start on a Friday because we had to meet and get sworn in before the Governor and state electeds were sworn in.

SO what happens to bills that are not passed through the two chambers before midnight? They die on the calendar. The legislature needs to start over on the bills in the next legislative session, next year.

It takes 3 days to pass a bill. On the first day, a bill can be introduced and heard in committee and 2nd reading. On the second day, the bill can be heard in 3rd reading and introduced in the second chamber, and heard in committee and second reading. On the 3rd day, the bill can be voted on in 3rd reading.

595 bills have been introduced this year. That’s lower than in the past couple of years. Usually, between 650 and 750 bills are introduced in a legislative session. The Governor has signed 195 bills so far. 108 bills have been postponed indefinitely-or died.

I have had seven bills signed by the Governor so far and four are on the Govneror’s desk waiting to be signed.

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