Midsession Progress Report

The 2018 legislative session has reached its midway point and my bills are making good progress. The first bill board in the office has reached capacity.

Bill Board 1

Bill Board #1

So we’re on to the second bill board.

Bill Board 2

Bill Board #2

2o of my bills have been introduced thus far, with more to come. 3 of my bills have been signed by the governor: SB027 Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, SB067 Auction Alcohol in Sealed Container Special Events, and HB1022 Sales Tax Streamlining

SB027 Signing

SB027 Signing

SB067 Signing

SB067 Signing

Two of my bills have been “postponed indefinitely” which is legislative speak for killed because the bill has been postponed to an indefinite time. HB 1044 Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act was postponed indefinitely in Senate State Affairs Committee because there was concern about expanding the board to 27 members and expanding the mission to malnutrition of children.  SB 065 Add HMOs Life & Health Insurance Protection was postponed indefinitely in Senate Finance Committee. The bill would have included HMOs in the state’s guaranty fund-a fund that is paid into by insurance companies to cover consumer’s claims in case a carrier goes insolvent. For example, when the state’s cooperative went insolvent, the Guaranty Fund made sure that no one was left responsible for their insurance claims. The bill died because the HMO’s did not agree that they should be part of the state’s safety pool.

The pace of the session picks up considerably in the second half, so stay tuned for updates.

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