Being a new member of the House of Representatives can be a bit overwhelming. Besides the daily work on their bills, committees, and the House floor, there are protocols to learn, rules they must follow, and countless new terms to master. That’s why the Colorado House Democrats have developed a mentorship program to help these freshman legislators get their footing and provide a place to ask questions and seek advice of the more senior members of the House.

Meet my mentees for the 2019 session: Representative Marc Snyder from HD 18 from Manitou Springs and Representative Bri Buentello from HD 47 in Pueblo (pictured above). We were paired up before session began and I have been helping them through their first couple of months in office. They have both been doing a fantastic job and I’m proud to be their mentor!

My mentee from 2016 was Representative Matt Gray from HD 33 in Broomfield. His office is now next door where I can still keep a close eye on him.The mentorship program is important part of a freshman legislators first session and I am grateful to have been a part of that journey with them.

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