House District 29 Phone Bank

The legislature is currently recessed due to public health concerns over COVID-19; however, the legislators and their staff are all still working hard from home, including Tracy’s office! Community members from all over Colorado have stepped up to help each other during this scary and uncertain time in so many ways – we have seen many individuals helping their neighbors get the essential items they need, safely driving each other to essential medical appointments, donating to medical drives, keeping our restaurants & other closed businesses alive by ordering take-out and purchasing online gift cards, playing music for other community members at a safe distance, keeping each other updated with accurate information, and just chatting with each other during this difficult time. Just as importantly, every single Coloradan who has been following the stay-at-home order and social distancing guidelines, as well as keeping clean and washing their hands, is helping more than they could imagine! Colorado has proven that our approach works – the contagion rate for COVID-19 has already stopped growing as quickly as it was at the beginning in our state.

Tracy’s office, along with volunteers from the district, have been conducting a phone bank in House District 29 as part of the COVID-19 response. We’ve been calling members of the community to check in, make sure they’re doing alright, offer information and resources for COVID-19, and ask if they need errands done for them including groceries, prescription runs, or rides to medical appointments. Some people have just wanted to chat and have good conversation!

One of our HD29 volunteers went on a grocery run for a member of the community who has been having a difficult time lately – they went above and beyond by buying her flowers and extra groceries. She told our office that she has never been more touched in her life. Thank you to all of the amazing individuals in HD29 who have stepped up and helped out with the phone bank and the COVID-19 response!

If you would like to assist with phone calls or deliveries, please reach out to Tracy’s office: (Tracy) or (Lindsey, Tracy’s Aide).

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