First Week of the 2020 Legislative Session!

The first week of the 2020 Legislative Session closed last Friday, 1/10. It was my last first week! I have enjoyed this great honor of representing House District 29, and I am looking forward to representing the district for this last session. On Wednesday, Speaker KC Becker and Minority Leader Patrick Neville spoke about their vision for the session. Speaker Becker invited everyone “to the table”. Minority Leader Neville was presented with a pogo stick because the day before, at a presession event, he had joked about not funding pogo lanes!

On Thursday, the Governor gave his State of the State speech. The State of the State is good! He called me our for my work in behavioral health and serving on the Behavioral Health Task Force. Is it still a getting a call out if the Governor pronounces your name wrong??

On Friday we had trainings-trainings on sunset reviews and the mandatory harassment training. And with the first week done….we are off!

Remember our Town meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month and Community Coffee on the 4th Thursday. You can also look at the “2020 Sponsored Legislation” option under the “Bills” tab to keep up to date with everything that I am working on!

Do not forget to register for House District 29 Day at the Capitol on Feb 19! RSVP by sending an email to !

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