Election Tips
  1. Political Speech isn’t soliciting, according to the Supreme Court. If you don’t want political people to come to your door to speak to you, post a No Trespassing Sign or No Politics sign.
  2. When we come to your door-how about offering water or  bathroom use?! We’ve been out walking a long time in hot weather, cold weather, rain, snow or just a regular day. We sure would appreciate it!
  3. You may get a number of mailers in your mailbox. Look at the return address-if it doesn’t say Committee to Elect or your candidate’s name, it came from someone else like an Independent Expenditure Committee. The law says clearly that candidates cannot communicate or coordinate with Independent Expenditure Committees and that is what happens in real life. I’m just as surprised as you when mailers come in my mailbox.
  4. If you want the phone calls and door knocking to stop-commit to support or not support your candidate. We keep coming to houses where people are undecided.
  5. When ballots come in your mailbox, if you want the phone calls and door knocking to stop, vote right away. We know who has voted, not how people have voted. We call to encourage you to vote. So vote!
  6. VOTE! It really does make a difference.

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