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We have all been working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19. Thank you to all who have stepped up to assist and volunteer during this time, and thank you to everybody who has followed the stay-at-home orders and stayed strong through this uncertain and unpredictable pandemic.

You can obtain real-time updates during this time on my Facebook, TracyforJeffCo, on Colorado’s official COVID-19 website, or here on my website, which will have weekly updates that summarize all of the important things that happened in the prior week.

Closing non-essential businesses and staying 6 feet away from others has reduced the contagion rate in Colorado from growing every 1.5 days to every 6 days. Colorado data is updated daily at 4PM on the CDPHE website. As of yesterday (4/12) at 4PM, Colorado had 7,303 reported cases of 37,153 people that have been tested, 290 deaths and 1.417 hospitalized.  

Governor Polis conducts a press conference every other day to update Coloradans on COVID-19 and what the State has been doing to combat the disease. You can view it on Facebook or on most TV stations. There were several important orders issued last week to help “flatten the curve”.

First, the Governor’s office issued a proclamation stating that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker in Colorado!

The Governor’s office unveiled a new state website with free health resources, education, entertainment, and more to help make staying at home more endurable. You can find the press conference about it here, and find the website here.

On April 8th, Governor Polis recommended that every Coloradan wear a facial mask when out of your house with others. This does NOT replace the recommendation to stay 6 feet away from others. You can make a mask pretty easily, otherwise there are many people making them. You can read more from the CDC about how to keep your mask clean and ideas for what works as a mask here

Tracy with her polka dot mask on!
Intern Pedro & Rep. Geitner’s Aide Garrett with their masks and other protective gear!

The Governor also extended the emergency order to May 15th, an additional 30 days from the original order. This disaster declaration allows Colorado to access additional resources, temporarily waives procurement statutes for purchases related to the COVID-19 response, and authorizes the implementation of the State’s Crisis Standards of Care Plan. Read more about the Crisis Standard of Care here, and read the Executive Order here.

The stay-at-home order for Colorado, which originally took effect March 26th and was set to expire April 11th , has also been extended to April 26th. Under this order, residents must remain at home and only leave to engage in activities/perform tasks that are critical to their health and safety, or to that of their family members or to go to or return from “critical work”. The order allows grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and any other businesses that are considered essential to remain open. Customers may visit these businesses as long as they maintain social distancing by staying 6 feet away from people who are not in their households. Read the full amended order here.

The Colorado Convention Center in Denver has been under construction to turn the facility into a temporary hospital with capacity for 2,000 beds, however we are predicting that it will not reach capacity. It will be utilized as a facility for patients who no longer need ICU beds, but still require medical care in their battles against COVID-19. There is also an overflow hospital being built at the Ranch Complex in Larimer County. Read more here.

The Executive Committee of the Legislature met on April 8th, where they tentatively set the date of May 18 for the Legislature to come back into the 2020 Regular Session. That date could change, depending on the public health risk. There will be an updated revenue forecast on May 12th due to all of the revenue changes since March. Based on the new revenue forecast, which is anticipated to have a deficit of $3 billion, the Joint Budget Committee will develop a budget to be introduced to the Legislature on May 18th. The plan is for the House to debate the budget and School Finance Act during the week of May 18th, then the Senate during the week of May 25th. Schools districts need the School Finance Act, which is the part of the budget that funds the Colorado school systems, to be completed by June 1st in order for them to work on their budgets in June.

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