HB 18-1022: DOR Department of Revenue Issue Sales Tax Request For Information (Rep. Sias-R, Senator Neville-R, Senator Jahn-U)

  • This bill will require the Department of Revenue to issue a request for information for an electronic sales and use tax simplification system. This would provide administrative simplification to the state and local sales and use tax system. Status: Passed House, Referred to Consent Calendar for 2nd reading on 2/9

HB 18-1028: Attorney General Deceptive Practice Court Order (Rep. Wist-R, Senator Cole-R, Senator Court-D)

  • This bill seeks to clarify that a judge is allowed to issue a court order if compliance with an investigation is necessary to investigate a deceptive trade practice. Status: Passed House, to be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee, date: TBD

HB 18-1044: Colorado Children’s Trust Fund Act (Senator Priola-R)

  • The Colorado Children’s Trust Fund was started in 1989 for prevention services for child abuse and neglect. This bill will strengthen the trust fund by expanding the board and expanding services to focus on child maltreatment, and other adverse childhood experiences.  Status: Passed House, to be heard in Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on 2/21

HB 18-1083: On-demand Air Carriers Sales and Use Tax Exemption (Rep. Sias-R, Senator Williams-D, Senator Tate-R)

  • This bill applies the same sales and tax use exemption currently available to commercial airlines to Colorado’s on-demand carriers, including air ambulances, and to owners who purchase an aircraft for lease to an on-demand carrier, provided that the aircraft remain on that lease for at least 2 years. Status: To be heard in the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee, date TBD

HB 18-1135: Extended Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program (Rep. Wilson-R, Senator Tate-R)

  • This bill extends the advanced industries export acceleration program that is currently managed by the Office of Economic Development. Status: House Business Affairs & Labor Committee referred to Appropriations, date: TBD

HB 18-1175: Sunset Community Association Managers (Rep. Thurlow-R, Senator Gardner-R)

  • This bill will continue the regulation of community association managers by the director of the division of real estate and implement the recommendations given in the 2017 sunset report from DORA. Status: Assigned to House Business Affairs & Labor Committee on 2/13

HB 18-1185: Market Sourcing For Business Income Tax Apportionment (Rep. Wist-R, Senator Moreno-D, Senator Neville-R)

  • This bill implements changes to the state income tax apportionment statute making it so receipts for the sale of services or from the sale, lease, license, or rental of intangible property are apportioned to Colorado based not on where the service is performed, but where the service is delivered. Status: To be heard in the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee on 2/15

HB 18-1198: Best Practices For State Boards And Commissions (Rep. Saine-R, Senator Smallwood-R and Senator Donovan-D)

  • This bill will establish best practices for state boards and commissions. Status: To be heard in House Business Affairs & Labor Committee, date: TBD

HB 18-1237: Sunset Continue Cost-benefit Analysis For Rules (Van Winkle-R, Neville-R)

  • This bill will continue the requirements for cost-benefit analysis. Status: To be heard in House Business Affairs & Labor Committee, date: TBD

SB 18-011: Students Excused From Taking State Assessments (Senator Kerr-D, Senator Holbert-R, Rep. Lundeen-R) 

  • This bill will clarify that students who do not participate in testing will not be punished. Status:  Laid over for Action Only in Senate Education Committee, date: TBD

SB 18-027: Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (Senator Todd-D, Senator Smallwood-R, Rep. McKean-R)

  • By authorizing Colorado to join the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), this bill will expand the nursing pool in Colorado and allow Colorado nurses to maintain their multi-state practicing licenses. Status: Signed by the Governor

SB 18-065: Add Health Maintenance Organizations Life And Health Insurance Protection Association (Senator Gardner-R)

  • This bill will modernize the Life and Health Insurance Protection Associate Act to: add health maintenance organizations as members of the association, allocate responsibility for long-term care insurance assessments between health and life insurance association members, and require member insurers that write health benefits plans to collect a fee to be deposited into a fund for the purpose of defraying the costs of a health insurer insolvency. Status: Killed by Senate Business, Labor, &  Technology Committee

SB 18-067: Auction Alcohol In Sealed Container Special Events (Senator Priola-R, Senator Zenzinger-D)

  • This bill will allow certain organizations conducting a special event to auction alcohol beverages in sealed containers for fundraising purposes under specified circumstances. Status: Passed Senate, To be heard in House Business Affairs & Labor Committee on 2/15

SB 18-100: Motor Vehicle Rental Charges Disclosure (Senator Neville-R, Rep. Van Winkle-R)

  • This bill will require a motor vehicle rental company to disclose to a potential customer, in any vehicle rental cost quote and in the rental agreement, additional mandatory charges applicable to the motor vehicle rental. Status: Passed Senate

SB 18-103: Issuance Of Performance-based Incentives For Film (Senator Todd-D, Senator Smallwood-R, Rep. Leonard-R)

  • This Audit Committee bill will strengthen the issuance of performance-based incentives for film production activities in Colorado. Status: Referred to Senate Consent Calendar, 2nd Reading on 2/9

SB 18-136: Health Insurance Producer Fees and Fee Disclosure (Senator Neville-R, Rep. Sias)

  • This bill will allow an insurance producer or broker advising a client on individual health benefit plans to charge the client a fee if the producer/broker does not receive a commission related to the health plan selected by the client and if the producer/broker discloses the fee to the client. Status: To be heard in the Senate Finance Committee on 2/13

SB 18-161: Repeal Behavioral Health Transformation Council (Senator Smallwood-R, Rep. Landgraf-R)

  • This bill repeals the behavioral health transformation council. Status: To be heard in Senate Health & Human Services Committee on 2/15