HB 16-1026: Repeal DOR Revenue Impact Accounting Requirements (Rep Thurlow-R, Senator Holbert-R)

  • In an effort to encourage department efficiency, this bill repeals accounting and reporting requirements placed on the Department of Revenue by sales tax legislation implemented in 2010.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1046: Designated Emergency Response Authorities (Senator Baumgardner-R)

  • Local governments currently designate an emergency response authority for hazardous substance spill. This bill will require local governments to report the incidents to the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) annually and narrows the appropriate response to include threats of negative effects on human health or the environment. The bill allows designated emergency response authorities to provide a response through an agreement with a private entity, which is given the right to claim reimbursement from the parties responsible for an incident if they are not paid by the designated response authority.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1053: Retail Hydrogen Fuel Systems Regulation (Senator Hill-R)

  • This bill amends the definition of “fuel products” in state statute to include hydrogen and will give the Division of Oil & Public Safety (OPS) within the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) the statutory authority to create the regulatory framework for retail hydrogen fueling stations. Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1103: License Pathways For Mental Health Workforce (Rep Landgraf-R, Senator Todd-D, Senator Martinez Humenik-R)

  • This bill provides a clearly defined pathway for students to enter the workforce as licensed mental health professionals. It will help to increase the number of licensed mental health professionals,  strengthen the supervision of licensure candidates, and decrease bureaucracy in earning a professional license that would allow for timely entrance into the workforce.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1157: Sunset Review Skolnik Medical Transparency Act (Rep Garnett-D, Senator Tate-R) 

  • Establishes a separate, periodic sunset review for the health care professions profile program as was established in the “Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010”.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1187: Sales Use and Tax Exemption Retirement Community Food (Senator Holbert-R)

  • This bill creates several tax exemptions that address the sale, storage, use, or consumption of food, food products, snacks, beverages, and meals in retirement communities.   Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1232: Sunset DOR Private Letter Ruling & Gen Info Ruling (Senator Baumgardner-R)

  • This bill continues the authority of the Executive Director of the Department of Revenue to issue written responses upon the request of a taxpayer for a private letter tax ruling.  Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 16-1272: Disconnection Of Land From A Municipality (Senator Tate-R)

  • This bill modifies existing procedures for an ordinance of land to disconnect from statutory cities and towns.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1288: Industry Infrastructure Grant Program (Rep Wist-R, Senator Tate-R)

  • This bill would create an industry infrastructure grant program within the state work force development council for trade associations to develop core competencies for their industry. Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1290: Extend Transitional Jobs Program (Rep Esgar-D, Senator Merrifield-D, Senator Hill-R)

  • This bill would extend the ReHire Colorado program, which provides job training to give participants the opportunity to go from welfare to work through job consultation, training and subsidized wages. Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1323: Division Of Labor Name Change (Senator Cooke-R)

  • This bill would change the name of the Division of Labor and Employment within the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) to the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics. Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1356: Debts Secured By Liens On Real Property (Rep Nordberg-R, Senator Jahn-D, Senator Holbert-R)

  • This bill would make changes to certain requirements on satisfaction of indebtedness secured by real property in several situations.
  • Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1379: Psychologists Continuing Professional Development Program (Senator Martinez Humenik-R)

  • This bill would clarify and amend criteria of the continuing professional development program for licensed psychologists. Among other criteria, it primarily addresses awarding credit hours for teaching and writing/reviewing publications and journals.  Status: Signed by Governor

HB 16-1386: Necessary Document Program (Senator Steadman-D)

  • This bill would would help create a collaborative project to assist Colorado residents who are vulnerable (low-income, victims of domestic violence, homeless, disabled, etc.)  gain possession of a “necessary document” which this bill defines as a social security card, a driver’s license/I.D. card, or a vital statistics report (such as a birth, death, or marriage certificate).  Status: Signed by Governor

SB 16-036: Surety Requirement for Appealing Tax Bills Claimed Due (Rep Sias-R, Senator Jahn-D, Senator Neville-R)

  • Concerning surety requirements when a taxpayer appeals a tax bill that the state or local government claims due.  Status: Signed by Governor

SB 16-101: School Board Ethics Commission (Senator Kerr-D)

  • This bill establishes a code of ethics for school board members. It would create the school board ethics commission and authorizes the commission to take all actions necessary to carry out its duties, which include: receiving, reviewing, and investigating complaints; issuing findings; and imposing sanctions. The commission would consist of 5 members appointed by the general assembly, the governor, and the state board of education.  Status: Postponed Indefinitely by Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee

SB 16-125: Credit Union Governance (Senator Holbert-R)

  • This bill allows the board of directors of a credit union to appoint an audit committee instead of a supervisory committee. It also allows a credit union to provide reasonable compensation to an officer, director, or committee member for their service.  Status: Signed by Governor  

SB 16-140: Motor Vehicle Dealer Certificate Of Title (Senator Sonnenberg-R)

  • Current law gives a vehicle dealer 30 days to facilitate the delivery of the certificate of title to a vehicle. This bill would make it so that a day during which the dealer is awaiting information or action from another  person does not count against the existing 30-day deadline. Status: Signed by Governor

SB 16-169: Emergency 72-hour Mental Health Procedures (Rep Landgraf-R, Senator Martinez Humenik-R, Senator Cooke-R)

  • This bill would expand current law and allow for individuals who are being detained under a 72-hour emergency mental health procedure to be admitted to a law enforcement facility (provided certain conditions are met) if space is not available in a designated facility or an emergency medical services facility. This bill would also require that a person taken into custody through the emergency procedure shall receive an evaluation as soon as possible and shall receive appropriate treatment for their condition as long as they are in emergency custody.  Status: Vetoed by Governor Hickenlooper

SB 16-198: Work Comp Insurance Forms Certified Filed With DOI (Senator Holbert-R)

  • Current Colorado law requires that a workers’ compensation insurer must annually submit sample forms of policies, riders, letters, notices, and other documents used in its business to the commissioner of insurance. This bill extends current Colorado law regarding workers’ compensation insurance reporting to include advisory organizations and rating organizations within the industry. Status: Signed by Governor