HB 15-1010: Trustee Notice System Presume Notify Beneficiary (Rep. Nordberg-R, Senator Jahn-D)

  • Concerning a presumption that a trustee has notified a beneficiary with the trustee has adopted a beneficiary notification procedure, and, in connection therewith, clarifying that a trustee may deliver information to beneficiaries electronically. Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 15-1067: Continuing Professional Development Psychologists (Rep. Landgraf-R, Senator Newell-D)

  • Concerning the establishment of a continuing professional development program for licensed psychologists. Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 15-1129: CO Disaster Prediction & Decision Support Systems (Senator Roberts-R)

  • Concerning disaster prediction and decision support systems by the Department of Public Safety, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation. Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 15-1170: Increasing Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (Rep. Wilson-R, Senator Hill-R, Senator Heath-D)

  • Concerning measure to raise the level of postsecondary and workforce readiness that Colorado students demonstrate upon graduation from high school. Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 15-1180: Sales and Use Tax Refund Medical and Clean Technology (Rep. Wilson-R, Senator Heath-D, Senator Holbert-R)

  • Concerning the creation of sales and tax use refund for tangible personal property that is used in Colorado for research and development by a qualified medical technology or clean technology tax payer. Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 15-1231: Enhanced Unemployment Compensation Benefits (Rep. Esgar, Senator Merrifield-D, Senator Crowder-R)

  • Concerning enhanced unemployment compensation benefits.   Status: Postponed Indefinitely by Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs

HB 15-1385: Review Process New Multi-Family Attached Housing (Rep. Tyler-D, Senator Ulibarri-R)

  • Concerning a process for external review of the construction of new multi-family attached housing, and, in connection therewith, the validation of this construction based on the rules of the external review.  Status: Third Reading Laid over until 6/21/2015

SB 15-056: Frequency of Statewide Social Studies Testing (Senator Kerr-D)

  •  Concerning reducing the frequency of administering the statewide assessment in social studies.  Status: Signed by the Governor

SB 15-266: Deliver Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Within 30 Days (Senator Sonnenberg)

  • Concerning the requirement that a motor vehicle dealer deliver a certificate of title on a vehicle withing thirty days after it is sold. Status: Postponed Indefinitely in Senate Transportation

SB 15-279: Survey Requirement for Appealing Tax Bills Claimed Due (Senator Neville-R, Senator Jahn-D, Rep. Keyser-D)

  • Concerning surety requirements when a taxpayer appeals a tax bill that the state of a local government claims is due. Status: Postponed Indefinitely by House Local Government on 4/30/15 

SB 15-281 Institute Charter School Plan Meetings (Senator Hill-R)

  • The charter school institute shall ensure that the institute school complies with public hearings for parental involvement requirements. Status: Signed by the Governor

HCR 15-1004:Statewide Uniform Sales and Use Tax Definitions

  • Submitting to the registered electors of the State of Colorado an amendment to the Colorado Constitution concerning statewide uniform sales and tax definitions, and, in connection therewith, creating a commission on uniform sales and use tax definitions and will provide official guidance regarding the definitions, and specifying that the state and any local taxing jurisdiction shall use the certified sales and use tax definitions and official guidance for purpose of administering and levying its sales and use tax.  Status: Postponed Indefinitely on April 30, 2015