HB 14-1014: Modify Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit (Rep. DelGrosso-R, Senator Heath-D, Senator Scheffel-R)

  • Concerning modification to the job growth incentive tax credit.  Status: Signed by the Governor 

HB 14-1015: Extend Transitional Jobs Program (Senator Kerr-D)

  • Concerning the extension of the transitional jobs program enacted in 2013. The program directs the Department of Human Services to run a transitional jobs program for eligible individuals. Status: Signed by the Governor  

HB 14-1121: County Highway Contract Bid Notice Requirements (Rep. Gerou-R, Senator Jahn-D)

  • Concerning notice requirements for county highway contract bid solicitations, and, in connection therewith, increasing the threshold value of a contract for which a county must advertise in a newspaper in the county or post notice in the county courthouse from five thousand dollars to the amount at which a contract requires a contractor’s bond. Status: Signed by the Governor 

HB- 14-1185: Issuance of Travel Insurance Policies (Senator Jahn-D)

  • Concerning the issuance of travel insurance policies.  Status: Signed by the Governor

HB 14-1213: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Requirements (Senator Crowder-R)

  • Concerning pharmacy benefit manager maximum allowable cost pricing requirements for prescription drugs. Status: Signed by the Governor 

HB 14-1274: Modify State Bank Management Limitations (Rep. Holbert-R, Senator Jahn-D)

  • Concerning the modification of certain limitations on the managers of a bank charted by Colorado. Status: Signed by the Governor 

HB 14-1374: On-demand Air Carrier Sales & Use Tax Exemption (Rep. Holbert-R, Senator Hodge-D, Senator Scheffel-R)

  • Concerning the inclusion of on-demand air carriers in the sales and use exemption for certain aircraft. Status: Signed by Governor

HB 14-1386: Revision to 27-65-102, C.R.S. Statutory Language (Rep. Gardner, Senator Johnson-D, Senator King-R)

  • Concerning conforming definitions in Section 27-65-102, C.R.S., to task force recommendations.  Status: Postponed Indefinitely by the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 2, 2014

SB 14-088: Suicide Prevention Commission (Senator Newell-D)

  • Concerning the creation of the suicide prevention commission. Status: Signed by the Governor

SB 14-148: Insurer Market Conduct Exams Actual Harm Insureds (Senator Cadman-R, Rep. Sonnenberg-R)

  • Concerning market conduct examinations conducted by the commissioner of insurance.  Status: Postponed indefinitely by the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on April 7, 2014

SB 14-170: Designate Funeral Vehicles as Emergency Vehicles (Senator Todd-D, Senator King-R, Rep. Coram-R)

  • Concerning the authority of a vehicle that is being used to escort a funeral.  Status: Postponed Indefinitely by the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 14, 2014

SB 14-172: Firefighter Heart Circulatory Malfunction Benefits (Senator Tochtrop-D, Senator Newell-D)

  • Concerning employer-paid-benefits to a firefighter for cardiac illnesses resulting from a strenuous work event. Status: Signed by the Governor

SB 14-197: Transportation Enterprise Transparency Act (Senator Jones-D, Senator Herpin-R, Rep. Foote-D)

  • Concerning high-performance transportation enterprise transparency, mandating transparency actions including public meetings. Status: Vetoed by the Governor

SB 14-210: Require Insurance Commissioner Preexam Draft Report Conference (Senator Cadman-R, Senator Aguilar-D, Rep. Sonnenberg-R)

  • Concerning the conduct of examinations of insurers by the Commissioner of Insurance, and, in connection therewith, requiring a preexamination conference and a conference to be held before issuance of a draft examination report. Status: Signed by the Governor

SJR 14-020: Colorado Aerospace Day:

  • Concerning the designation of March 24, 2014, as “Colorado Aerospace Day”, and, in connection therewith, commemorating the establishment of a Colorado Chapter of Citizens for Space Exploration. Status: Passed with unanimous consent

SJR 14-028: Day Without Hate 2014

  • Concerning celebration of Day Without Hate 2014. Status: Passed with unanimous consent