COVID-19 Updates

Last week, Jefferson County announced an extension of their Stay-At-Home Order through May 8th, 2020, with a key revision to support non-critical businesses. This extension is intended to protect public health in our community as we continue to work towards reducing the spread of the COVID-19. The main difference between the statewide Stay-At-Home order and the Jefferson County extension is the allowance for non-critical businesses beginning to offer curbside delivery of products. Travel to pick up these goods will now be included in the definition for necessary travel. You can find more information about the Jefferson County Stay-At-Home Order extension here.

Under the JeffCo Stay-At-Home Order extension, it is permitted for one to leave their residence if they need to obtain food, to engage in local outdoor activity, to perform work for critical industries or government functions, to care for a family member or vulnerable person, to seek medical care, and some more. Volunteers are treated as employees under the Order, and therefore people are allowed to volunteer for organizations that are allowed to operate under the Order; however, social distancing protocols should still be followed. Examples of activities that are NOT permitted include all gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason other than critical business or government functions, all non-critical businesses will remain closed to the public but are permitted to perform minimum basic operations to ensure security, pay employees, and facilitate employees working remotely. Bars and restaurants will also remain closed but with takeout and delivery permitted. Theaters, sports venues, casinos and other gathering places are also remaining closed at this time. 

The goal of extending the Stay-At-Home Order is to “flatten the curve” and decrease the spread of COVID-19. On a local level, Jefferson County Health will be looking at data including measures of decreased transmission and improved capacity of healthcare facilities as indicators of success. It may take a few weeks to see improvement due to the fact that some individuals who are just now getting sick may have been exposed many days ago, however experience from other places indicate that these decisions WILL decrease the exponential spread of COVID-19. 

Denver and Tri-Health have also announced that they are extending their stay-at-home order to May 8th. On Wednesday, Governor Polis announced a statewide plan for moving to a “Safer-At-Home” order. The details of this plan include continuing to stay at home as much as possible; group gatherings limited to 10 people; critical businesses remaining open with social distancing, masks for all employees, and more frequent cleanings; retail businesses open for curbside delivery and phased-in public opening with strict precautions; and restaurants remaining closed except for takeout/delivery with work going towards phased re-opening. More details about the statewide Safer-At-Home Order can be found here

Key Aspects of the Statewide Safer-At-Home Order

The Colorado Department of Public Health has launched a Symptom Checker page on their website that can be found here. This is for people who want to check their symptoms to see if they might be COVID-19. 

The West Metro Chamber has created a database, found here, on which they provide updated information for finding opportunities for small businesses in the area. 

We know this situation has been difficult for many. Please call Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-TALK (8255), or text TALK to 38255 if you are in crisis and/or need somebody to chat with.

Call Colorado Crisis Services if you or somebody you know is in crisis right now

You can always Follow my TracyForJeffco Facebook for daily updates on COVID-19, the legislature, Jefferson County, and more. Check my website here for weekly updates. 

Remember to fill out your 2020 census – the deadline has been extended for self-response. Respond by going to or call 844.330.2020.

This is a difficult, uncertain, and unpredictable situation. We have seen many people stepping up to help the community right now – thank you to all who have donated their time to volunteering and serving others, and thank you to all of our amazing Jefferson County first responders and healthcare workers, who have been working tirelessly to protect our public health. Do not forget, we are all in this together! Stay safe and healthy. 

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