Behavioral Health Public Testimony

We had an amazing experience this last week. The Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force came to Arvada to listen to people’s feedback, wisdom, experiences. The Task Force is a directive from the Governor to develop a behavioral health strategic plan to address the access, quality and cost of services for Coloradans. The task force is composed of experts from around the state, including myself. There are three subcommittees: children’s issues, safety net issues and competency issues. The task force started meeting last summer and is charged with developing a BOLD strategic plan by this June.

As part of the work, the task force has been conducting public testimony around the state. The Arvada public testimony was conducted at the monthly legislative town meeting. Around 100 people attended the hearing. About 20 people testified. Some of the testimony drew tears to people’s eyes as a mom described her many visits to the ER for help with her daughter’s mental health issues. People at the town meeting agreed that they learned a lot at this amazing experience.

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