2018 Session

The 2018 Legislative session is in the books. The Governor is reviewing the bills that passed through the House and Senate; he has 30 days to decide to sign them, let the bill pass into law without his signature, or veto the bill. 721 bills were introduced this session-the most bills since 2004. 441 bills were introduced in the House, and 280 in the Senate. 294 bills were postponed indefinitely-or killed.

Which legislator had the last bill introduced this year? ME! HB 1441 is a bill that designates a 500 ft setback between schools and stores selling full strength beer. The Colorado Municipal League was the prime supporter behind this bill. Why? Colorado transitions from 3.2 beer to full strength on January 1, 2019. SB 243 was introduced to implement that transition. The 500 ft setback language is in SB 243. CML wanted to make sure that if SB 243 was postponed indefinitely, or killed, the 500 ft setback language was preserved. As it happens, both bills passed however HD 1441 specifies that it will only take effect if SB 243 is not passed. Most likely the Governor will sign both bills!

I was the prime sponsor of 26 bills and one resolution this year. 22 bills and the resolution passed through the House and Senate. Four bill died… 3 in the Senate and one in the House. One bill would have expanded the Children’s Trust Fund Task Force to include child maltreatment and allow the task force to apply for private funds. One bill would have modernized the Guaranty Fund; a fund that ensures that consumers will be covered if their insurance goes insolvent. One bill would have provided consumer protection when you use your debit card online. One bill would have continued regulating HOA Community Managers.

You can see the list of bills I sponsored this year under the Bills link. You can also view videos of second readings under the Video link. Call or email me with any questions.

It was a good session, lots of good work got done including money towards transportation, PERA reform, increasing funds for education.

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